Thursday, November 22, 2018


  • You only can make India great.
  • Think one thousand times how your life can be useful to all people in India.
  • Give at least one hour of your time to improve,develop and promote good-will and mutual understanding among all.
  • If every one of you give we will be having  a Great and beautiful India.
  • I earnestly request all the cine and serial directors in all fields to inculcate good ideas and thoughts in the young minds of young Indians.
  • We have to go a long way.
  • India must be exemplary in her Ideals,culture,traditions and all.
  • We need more social minded people who will care for every one in India and the world.
  • Let us not forget what our forefathers have thought us and we will improve upon those ideas.
  • We will stop criticizing,condemning, complaining from now on.
  • We will start appreciating everyone and everything .
  • We will start helping and giving a shoulder to every one who needs our help and consideration.
  • Having taken this birth as a human being and as a trustee of God , we will not contaminate, pollute the minds of young ones in any way.
  • Let them have a nice  wonderful life.
  • Let peace and prosperity prevail with a very good health to enjoy.
  • If you know something nicely,guide others who need your guidance in the right direction and let him also help another one.
  • Live with clean thoughts.clean and clear mind and be flexible to learn good things of life.
  • Do not live the life of aping the other country's customs,traditions and living for some of them are not suitable and welcome to the peace of India.
  • Spread good-will and cheers wherever you go.
  • All the people must wish to see you and hear your voice and in person.

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