Thursday, November 15, 2018


  3. Tamil Nadu
    Indian state
    Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state, is famed for its Dravidian-style Hindu temples.
    Area130,060 km²
    Did you knowTamil Nadu has the eighth-highest life expectancy at birth (70.6) during 2010-14 among all Indian states.
  4.  In Madurai, Meenakshi Amman Temple has high ‘gopuram’ towers ornamented with colourful figures. 
  5. On Pamban Island, Ramanathaswamy Temple is a pilgrimage site. 
  6. The town of Kanyakumari, at India’s southernmost tip, is the site of ritual sunrises.
  7.  Capital Chennai is known for beaches and landmarks including 1644 colonial Fort St. George.
  8. Take the smallest village, make a society or  a company, make everyone a member, put value for their lands at 2023 level   and everyone will have one vote only. all the lands will be tilled and taken care by the society .Everyone who works will get their wages even it is one's own land.Manures,seeds, tilling,expenses others all will be counted. The produce grown either sold fully or partially and everyone will get their share. Insurance against all calamities,flood etc .will be covered.So the village will become self-sufficient and the society as a whole pay the taxes and will take complete care of the village infrastructure.
  9. As at present what is happening??????

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