Thursday, November 22, 2018


  2. Everyone is dependent on the other.
  3. No one can boast I am independent.
  4. Doctor needs patient to treat or he will have no work.
  5. The bank needs the customer to deposit and borrow funds.
  6. manufacturer needs distributors,distributors need dealers,dealers need representatives need  retailers and retailers needs customer.
  7. Manufacturer and his team needs Media,channels to advertise and media and channel needs subscribers.
  8. Google needs people to search, all people need to search the search engines  to solve their problems.
  9. Hotels and restaurants need people to come and stay and have comforts,food and refreshments.
  10. The school needs the teachers,teachers need students, students need book sellers and stationery shops to supply them all items needed for study.
  11. people to stay in a house need the architect, contractor,mason and other laborers to construct the apartment or house to stay.
  12. Sun flower needs the sun and the water in the pond.
  13. We need the farmers to grow rice and wheat and other vegetables for our daily breakfast,lunch,dinner,  supper and to live.
  14. We need shops and tailors to have our dresses.
  15. WE need car drivers, lorry operators, call taxis and autos to carry us and the necessities to different places.
  16. WE need fresh drinking water ,air, sunshine and warmth
  17. All these are offered by the graceful God Free and we take them for granted and never even thank him for his choicest blessings.
  18. You need police to control the traffic and to maintain law and order.
  19. Can you at any time say without hesitation you are independent.????
  20. We need some or all depending upon our needs and we are all 

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