Thursday, November 22, 2018


  • You only can make India great.
  • Think one thousand times how your life can be useful to all people in India.
  • Give at least one hour of your time to improve,develop and promote good-will and mutual understanding among all.
  • If every one of you give we will be having  a Great and beautiful India.
  • I earnestly request all the cine and serial directors in all fields to inculcate good ideas and thoughts in the young minds of young Indians.
  • We have to go a long way.
  • India must be exemplary in her Ideals,culture,traditions and all.
  • We need more social minded people who will care for every one in India and the world.
  • Let us not forget what our forefathers have thought us and we will improve upon those ideas.
  • We will stop criticizing,condemning, complaining from now on.
  • We will start appreciating everyone and everything .
  • We will start helping and giving a shoulder to every one who needs our help and consideration.
  • Having taken this birth as a human being and as a trustee of God , we will not contaminate, pollute the minds of young ones in any way.
  • Let them have a nice  wonderful life.
  • Let peace and prosperity prevail with a very good health to enjoy.
  • If you know something nicely,guide others who need your guidance in the right direction and let him also help another one.
  • Live with clean thoughts.clean and clear mind and be flexible to learn good things of life.
  • Do not live the life of aping the other country's customs,traditions and living for some of them are not suitable and welcome to the peace of India.
  • Spread good-will and cheers wherever you go.
  • All the people must wish to see you and hear your voice and in person.


Rao wishes the whole world to live in peace and plenty of prosperity with a very good health to enjoy.

हरि सुंदर नंद मुकुंद हरि नारायण हरि ओम | हरि केशव हरि गोविंद हरि नारायण ...

Hari Sunder Nand Mukunda Lyrics and Notations full हरि सुंदर नंद मुकुंदा...

Hari Sunder Nand Mukunda Lyrics and Notations full हरि सुंदर नंद मुकुंदा...

Hari Sunder Nand Mukunda Lyrics and Notations full हरि सुंदर नंद मुकुंदा...

Hari sundar nand mukunda - Gitanjali Rai


  2. Everyone is dependent on the other.
  3. No one can boast I am independent.
  4. Doctor needs patient to treat or he will have no work.
  5. The bank needs the customer to deposit and borrow funds.
  6. manufacturer needs distributors,distributors need dealers,dealers need representatives need  retailers and retailers needs customer.
  7. Manufacturer and his team needs Media,channels to advertise and media and channel needs subscribers.
  8. Google needs people to search, all people need to search the search engines  to solve their problems.
  9. Hotels and restaurants need people to come and stay and have comforts,food and refreshments.
  10. The school needs the teachers,teachers need students, students need book sellers and stationery shops to supply them all items needed for study.
  11. people to stay in a house need the architect, contractor,mason and other laborers to construct the apartment or house to stay.
  12. Sun flower needs the sun and the water in the pond.
  13. We need the farmers to grow rice and wheat and other vegetables for our daily breakfast,lunch,dinner,  supper and to live.
  14. We need shops and tailors to have our dresses.
  15. WE need car drivers, lorry operators, call taxis and autos to carry us and the necessities to different places.
  16. WE need fresh drinking water ,air, sunshine and warmth
  17. All these are offered by the graceful God Free and we take them for granted and never even thank him for his choicest blessings.
  18. You need police to control the traffic and to maintain law and order.
  19. Can you at any time say without hesitation you are independent.????
  20. We need some or all depending upon our needs and we are all 



Wednesday, November 21, 2018

INDIA FLOOD RELIEF FUND=. Hearty Thanks to all the donors and well wishers

  • It is hereby earnestly requested to the Central and State governments to issue
  • 6 p.c. non-redeemable bonds worth
  • Rs.
  • 10000. freely transferable,
  • and after a blocking period of 5 years, the bondholders can avail loans from the banks at 2 p.c. more than the rate with no charges whatsoever in any form.
  • Flood prone states will have priority  and so also disaster prone states.
  • Immediate relief is to be given in not less than 3 days as an emergency to provide food,clothes, clearing of debris and roads,
  • drinking water etc.,to the sufferers.
  • All the political parties must be given the chance as well as those NGOs and help minded individuals to help and give maximum assistance to the sufferers.
  • Those who want to enter Politics no matter who they are also must come forward to PROVE that they are really interested in the life of the sufferers and not give lectures and speeches  and lip sympathy.
  • All parties please stop blaming the ruling party and start giving your shoulders to solve the problem faced by the sufferers.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Physics Light Shadow & Reflection Part 6 (Reflection of Light) Class 6 VI

Light travels in straight lines

  •  We can see the light of a fixed candle from a long pipe when the pipe is straight, but when the pipe is bent we cannot see the light of the candle.

  • Reflection.
  • into the mirror we can see our own image
  • This is what is called as the reflection..

Physics Light Shadow & Reflection Part 6 (Reflection of Light) Class 6 VI

Light Shadow and Light Reflection | CBSE Class 6 Science


How to Make Study Time Fun for Kids

Homework: The 5-Step Secret Formula To Make Your Child Do Homework

Homework: The 5-Step Secret Formula To Make Your Child Do Homework

6 Ways to Help Your Child Concentrate

Thursday, November 15, 2018


  3. Tamil Nadu
    Indian state
    Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state, is famed for its Dravidian-style Hindu temples.
    Area130,060 km²
    Did you knowTamil Nadu has the eighth-highest life expectancy at birth (70.6) during 2010-14 among all Indian states.
  4.  In Madurai, Meenakshi Amman Temple has high ‘gopuram’ towers ornamented with colourful figures. 
  5. On Pamban Island, Ramanathaswamy Temple is a pilgrimage site. 
  6. The town of Kanyakumari, at India’s southernmost tip, is the site of ritual sunrises.
  7.  Capital Chennai is known for beaches and landmarks including 1644 colonial Fort St. George.
  8. Take the smallest village, make a society or  a company, make everyone a member, put value for their lands at 2023 level   and everyone will have one vote only. all the lands will be tilled and taken care by the society .Everyone who works will get their wages even it is one's own land.Manures,seeds, tilling,expenses others all will be counted. The produce grown either sold fully or partially and everyone will get their share. Insurance against all calamities,flood etc .will be covered.So the village will become self-sufficient and the society as a whole pay the taxes and will take complete care of the village infrastructure.
  9. As at present what is happening??????

Where is India leading to?


  2. 4120 members  MLA  what have they really  contributed for the development of their regions from where they are elected.
  3. Gets all the benefits to serve their own personal gains.
  4. None of the assembly/parliament able to conduct things smoothly because of untoward interruptions and disturbances,.
  5. Sheer waste of public money.
  7. Rajya sabha 245/ lok sabah  545.
  8. 4120+245+545 = nearing 5000
  9. Only the people who can shell out and who can afford and joining the pipe of the Govt. are able to get in.
  10. you can count on your fingers how many are really service minded and who really spends his time and energy for the development of the region or area from where he was elected.
  11. If we want India to be great then chances must be given to  the younger generation who has the youth,energy, and those who are service minded and who is willing to learn the working of the Govt. in detail.
  12. He/She must  undergo a course in Political science at least for 2 years and more than that he/she must have worked for the social welfare for 2 years.
  13. For this the Govt. can start an Institute and give chances for the really service minded students and give FREE admission to all and with a stipend for that period as apprentices.
  14. Mock Assemblies and Mock Parliament  can be arranged and they all will know how to behave and act in the assembly and parliament.
  15. These are all my personal views to make my country capable and be on the top of the world.
  16. If you think you can improve upon this please do and help India to be the Best.

Friday, November 2, 2018



  8. All these shares find out each one of their
  9. Share capital.
  10. Reserves.
  11. Current assets/current liabilities
  12. dividends/bonus shares/ 
  13. Profits for the last 5 years.
  14. share prices  /daily/weekly/monthly
  15. 52 weeks high/ low
  16. Do your homework thoroughly.
  17. play a virtual game/ paper game.
  18. Find out by yourself which one is worth investing for growth.
  19. Get a reliable broker.
  20. Read/listen/understand/analyse/ revise/review
  21. Do not go by anyone's suggestion or idea
  22. Use your own discretion and DECISION.
  23. You are the winner or You are the loser  with your own judgement and decision.


  • Wish the Central govt. issue bonds of Rs.500/1000/2500/5000/10000.
  • Let the rate of interest be around 7 per cent.per a year..
  •  interest paid /credited on a quarterly basis.or on a cumulative basis.
  • The bonds can have a maturity of 15 years with the clause  it can be foreclosed after the locked period of 5 years.
  • To start  with it can be for 29000 crores.
  • gradually raised to 58000 crores ..116000 crores.
  • If need be, loans can be granted  on the bonds by the banks at 2 p.c.more than the rate prescribed in case of emergencies. with additional charges not exceeding 0.5%.
  • Housing loans are to be given for individuals only only only
  • up to 36 months emoluments.
  • Rate of interest to be maximum 9.5 percent charged on the balance due. on a simple interest basis that too collected at the end of every month.
  • If the loan is prepaid before the due date, rebate , a reasonable one  could also be given.
  • Maximum loan not to exceed Rs. 10,00,000. for a single person and with the spouse  Rs.20,00,000/
  • Mortgage insurance and life insurance are a must.
  • in both the cases.collected in advance for at least 2 years.
  • This calculation is based on 60x40 plot with construction cost of Rs 200 per sq.feet. 
  • The plot can be of lesser size and with the cost of construction adjustment.
  • This is done as an example.
  •  Those who are well experienced  and who has more consideration on humanitarian basis, can suggest better than this suggestion.
  • Main aim is all must live in their own houses.
  • Your suggestions,opinions, comments 
  • please send to and oblige.