Thursday, November 15, 2018

Where is India leading to?


  2. 4120 members  MLA  what have they really  contributed for the development of their regions from where they are elected.
  3. Gets all the benefits to serve their own personal gains.
  4. None of the assembly/parliament able to conduct things smoothly because of untoward interruptions and disturbances,.
  5. Sheer waste of public money.
  7. Rajya sabha 245/ lok sabah  545.
  8. 4120+245+545 = nearing 5000
  9. Only the people who can shell out and who can afford and joining the pipe of the Govt. are able to get in.
  10. you can count on your fingers how many are really service minded and who really spends his time and energy for the development of the region or area from where he was elected.
  11. If we want India to be great then chances must be given to  the younger generation who has the youth,energy, and those who are service minded and who is willing to learn the working of the Govt. in detail.
  12. He/She must  undergo a course in Political science at least for 2 years and more than that he/she must have worked for the social welfare for 2 years.
  13. For this the Govt. can start an Institute and give chances for the really service minded students and give FREE admission to all and with a stipend for that period as apprentices.
  14. Mock Assemblies and Mock Parliament  can be arranged and they all will know how to behave and act in the assembly and parliament.
  15. These are all my personal views to make my country capable and be on the top of the world.
  16. If you think you can improve upon this please do and help India to be the Best.

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